Steve Ballard
Steve Ballard

What Can I Say To My Heart

album: It's About time
genre: Acapella
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What Can I Say To My Heart
Steve Ballard
03/08/18 10:25:50AM @steve-ballard:
Thank you @cooter for the kind remarks, so glad you like it.
02/29/12 10:55:44AM @cooter:
A very fine piece of music, right here. So nicely done from every angle. Great lyrics, excellent musicianship, feels-right vocals, absolutely outstanding. Loving the Dobro. Loving the tune, Steve. And thank you for the download.


02/27/12 07:25:18PM @earth-songs:
Most excellent production a real pleasure to listen to. Awesome!
02/23/12 06:11:08PM @franknbass:
This tune is an excellent country ballad. It is well sung and the playing is right in the pocket. It's apeal is in its simplicity and all parts are beautifully placed. A pleasure to listen to.

Steve Ballard
06/19/13 01:44:00PM @steve-ballard:
and thank you Franknbass for your kind words, I am pleased and humbled that you like my song. I hope you, kooder, kalolakiss and EarthSongs and all other visitors enjoy the other tunes!!
Steve Ballard
06/19/13 01:40:52PM @steve-ballard:
thank you EarthSongs, glad you liked it!


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