Master of None - feat. RedEyeC

album: Just Because
genre: Polka
streams: 143

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Master of None It's just the right moment now To live my own version of life Consider it undignified The whole purpose in my life Can't be to work from nine...
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This is another song for the album "Just Because" which release is planned for May 2008. Thank you so much, Bob, for your energy on vocals and guitars - and...
Master of None - feat. RedEyeC
04/11/08 08:15:28AM @tcp:
Great production and a well delivered song. Lyrics and voice work wonderfully in this excellently crafted song. Very catchy. Everything works so well together. Awesome Pascal and RedeyeC!!! ~Blake
Luca Wulf
03/25/08 04:54:36PM @huge-artist:
Very different Pascal and co...
This has a european pop feel to it,ready for the radio.
A very different soundscape indeed,but the same great attention to detail.
Perfect recording as always...
Vocals are cool,those added FX really did the trick.
Guitar was perfect for the piece.
Greatly enjoyed all :)


03/25/08 12:02:42PM @test200:
Great production, excellent vocal, super arrangement, really like the call and answer style of the vox. Nice the way you break to each part, everything works. That change at 2:20 is fantastic, the evolving pads and guitar change the mood, so cool. Enjoyed this composition.
KB Bren
03/20/08 04:50:22PM @kb-bren:
Enjoyable listen and great job guys. If Polka really sounded like this, it might have been more popular! KB
03/19/08 07:56:41PM @robert-smith:
Cool stuff - very dramatic!
03/19/08 05:51:11PM @ab1:
pascalito with redeye?.. man don't want to miss these guys.. love the beat and bass mixed with your awesome synth parts pascal.. and super singing from bob.. with a whole other guitar tone.. tasty playing bob.. that is a surprise to hear you lay back like that.. i just said that recently.. master of none..
but it doesn't apply to you guys.. a carefree life on ths sunny side.. like a faust story.. interesting and fascinating these lyrics.. really like your story telling singing style on this bob.. another monster chapter in the redeye syngularity book.. cheers fellows.. :-)

03/19/08 03:40:59PM @loren:
it didn't take long to see that this is no "Polka". this is a huge sounding song. a full production. great vocals and the trademark guitar wailing. mercy


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