2093 (Where Will We be?) - featuring Kephas

album: Utopean Dream Part 2
genre: Electronic
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2093 (Where Will We Be?) Where will we be in 2093? Will we still need eyes to see? In those brave years, will we even have ears? Will the wars finally end?...
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Kephas - Guitars and Vocals Lex Zaleta - Lyrics Pascal Gregory - Arrangement and Production
2093 (Where Will We be?) - featuring Kephas
10/27/11 07:14:23AM @mizieya:
Hi Pascal... been a while. listening to 2093- i like muchly: the vocals are awesome.
05/30/09 06:56:42AM @mark-reed:
This is some piece, the instrumentals on this classic. The instrumentation really stands out, but for me the that vocal hook drives this through the brain magic track well done
09/25/08 12:32:00PM @ab1:
can't believe i missed this one guys.. since you both know how much i dig your styles.. nobody is gonna be sayin carlos on this one keph.. lol.. sounds more like bob.. great tone.. more sustained than sometimes.. love the rhetorical question in the lyrics.. hence the title.. 93 where will we be? most of us won't be.. and be the luckier ones maybe.. i dug it guys.. lovely beat and flow pascal.. you always do that!.. :-)
08/06/08 11:20:31PM @piperon:
Oh, the three musketeers strike again! Lex, Kephas and you must be planning something big for the music festival. I like those drum stuff, very powerful and yet delivering. Ricky Matin should be delighted to have such music style in his new album. I heard some sort of Santana's guitar style in it too. And the buzzy vocal is rather interesting, perfect for this setting. I could dance whole night but it will definitely screw up my bones system. Thanks for sharing.

With million of love from Singapore.

08/05/08 03:27:32PM @tcp:
Love the instrumental movement of this most excellently arranged. Vocals, guitar, synths, percussion...all work so well in this awesome production. Pascal - such fine work here. Keph...your playing is so tasteful and ON. Details are everything, and nothing is out of place. EXCELLENT!!! I'm always expecting fine things from Pascal...and this does not disappoint one bit. ~Blake
Luca Wulf
08/05/08 12:23:27PM @huge-artist:
It doesn't get any better than this excellent collab.Kephas vocals have that rebel spirit in them,I like that a lot.
The vocal mod is also spot on.
Pascal,as always weaving such sonic trapestry,and Kephas soloing fits perfectly.
This really is a cracker of a song IMHO.
Going to grab the download whilst here for the mo3 player :)

07/27/08 04:44:27PM @blue-sahara:
Wonderful!! What a collab! This song is the first I ever heard by Syngularity. Great fusion of electronica and rock. Superb performances and the theme/lyrics are intriguing to say the least. Richard, your contribution here is a great asset for the song. So cool! Loved it!

07/24/08 05:36:01PM @syntopia-music:
every song from Pascal are a realy " Hochgenuss " :-) I like the style a mix from 80`s and future sound, very creativ. The vocals are very cool and gives the song a great mood. The Guitar a perfect for this track. fantastic collab.

Sven/Syntopia Music

07/23/08 10:34:59PM @henry-tarnecky:
Creative lyrical work and vocal recording finess just shines and hooks ya in this adventurously produced piece. Well crafted and thought out musically... it's full of skill. I liked it.... wonderful work!
07/23/08 11:39:12AM @vesa:
Very enjoyable song here that reaches the message up to the cosmos; good vocals; dynamic elements all the way through; what a fine chemistry, meant to be, with superb phrasing of guitar Kephas, & all elements fitting in the right plavement, to help get this universal theme across. "Where will we be?" asks the definite equitable question we all face of our human race in the future. Catchy tune; sticks well in my mind. Superb production & aranging. Well thought through.
Great one guys. -Your friend. -Vesa.

07/23/08 01:51:45AM @self-tort:
Whoops......when I reviewed this I was listening via the new songs section. When I came in to click the favourites and the download buttons there was another name there as well. So sorry Lex for not realising and acknowledging your involvement in this magical production. Lex, Kephas and that's a supergroup. Congrats again to all involved and thanks for the download.



07/23/08 01:46:53AM @self-tort:
If they've got any brains, anyone still around in 2093 will be sitting round listening to this wonderful piece of music. I was overjoyed to find a new Syngularity track in the "new songs" section and was over the moon when I saw Kephas was involved as well. What a superb blending of talents. The synths, the percussion, the bass, the guitars the vocals.....they all just blend together so beautifully. Outsanding percussion and keys Pascal and Kephas, your vocals and guitar playing are out of this world. Magnificent production. Just superb work guys. Love it.



07/22/08 11:16:16PM @tlt50:
Damn''''''''' this is way to excellent. Sweet collab Pascal and Richard !
Cool electronic vibe with awesome soundscapes and production! K.... you did yourself proud with the vox and GREAT guitar work... OUT-freakin' STANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry T.....

07/22/08 08:45:15PM @loren:
it sounded so much like kephas that i went to your page just to see. great combination of talent. amazing sound. i don't know how you do it.
Rob Grant
07/22/08 07:51:15PM @rayon-vert:
I started listening after reading SYNGULARITY.....I thought....this sounds like THIRD WORLD.....then I saw saw.....KEPHAS....That does it foe me.....Kephas, you really do sound like the singer from Third World. This is an AWESOME COLLAB, GUYS!!! Super Production on a SUPER SONG!!! GREAT JOB!!!

07/22/08 06:21:44PM @avalanche:
Hi Pascal and Richard...

You guys work well together...and this track shines. Great production combined with great playing. Interesting song subject (we'll be lucky if we even get there!) I really enjoyed this track.

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

07/22/08 06:11:53PM @digger-stone:
cool song, real nice tone on that guitar Kephas, i enjoyed this very much! i can understand why mike wants this on his show!

cool song, very creative!


KB Bren
07/22/08 04:58:34PM @kb-bren:
Nice start and song guys. Has some kick and great sounds. Interesting and scarey at the same time, great use of panning and effects. a mover and shaker for sure. of course you all remember in the year 2525? KB
07/22/08 04:13:51PM @syngularity:
Thank you so very much for your support, Mike :-) Cheers from Pascal & Richard
07/22/08 04:05:00PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Excellent collaboration, guys! This tune will be on my show. That should tell you how much I like it!! :) Tune in for Saturday Night Rocks this Saturday!


08/19/08 02:39:14PM @jelly:




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