More to Say - featuring MIKE LOCKETT

album: More To Say
genre: Rock
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  Song Lyrics
Lying there to find youAnd take you by surpriseTo sell your heartTo those who are “more wise”They found how to control youAnd taint your every dreamSo...
More to Say - featuring MIKE LOCKETT
margot du bois
10/28/11 06:16:10AM @margot:
Don`t feel I need to write a book here, only to say....This is an awesome listen...Kudos..

Peace and love...mags xxx

02/22/09 04:03:10PM @jdk:
More... like a dreamy spirit wafting through my bedroom, seeking, searching, and moving about ever so gracefully. this beautiful production has a rock opera-like feel to it. enjoyed this very much.


Luca Wulf
11/09/08 03:13:18PM @huge-artist:
So,what have you got for me this time Pascal?...
I can always rely on you for great imagination and quality musicianship...
Suspensful opening...
Crystal clear production as always.
Rhythm section is a real treat for the ears and speakers...
Mike's vocals are very strong and emotional...
Perfectly suiting the mood...
Yes very nice work indeed Mike.
The vocal spread works a treat.
Love the fender solo,different,that pinched playing works really well.
This is class,top to bottom and radio ready.
New track for the new album possibly?
The solo at the 4:30 mark is very nice indeed,just the right amount of power...
Excellent collab.
Loved it.


11/03/08 07:14:14PM @mike-lockett:
Great job Pascal! I was a pleasure to work with you on this song. It came out very nice!!
10/27/08 02:31:29PM @the-autumleaf:
Great Composition , great lyrics and Feel Loved it

10/23/08 07:12:49PM @tlt50:
Damn'.....I love the intro..... absolutey cool. !! Some excellent vocals for sure..... masterful production. This track is fabulous.... gents !!
Very,very ....well done !!! :-)
Larry T.....

10/23/08 08:26:14AM @mark-reed:
This took a while to really get into, but when I did get there it was worth the wait. Superb intro, the backing is incredibly well done. great vocals> This a work of art well done
10/23/08 07:13:40AM @dazed:
Beautiful piece! You and Mike definitely work well together. Vocals are rock solid. Great guitar work and amazing keys/synths

Awesome job guys!

10/23/08 06:52:59AM @gabriel-sabadi:
What a wonderful piece to wake up to Sven. Beautiful opening followed by a very very cool groove. The vocals are lovely and fit the mood to a T. Production is stellar, airy, wide and the soundscapes surround me. Wonderful job it !!!!


07/23/09 08:26:38PM @vesa:
Like that deep throbbing sound. Has a suspense to it, added by the high vocal choir like sound. This sounds so cool throught my headphones with a good feeling for the separations of efx. Like the synth with a bit of 'fuzz'. You cleverly created this mystical atmosphere created, other unique techno sounds. Good to hear vocals,nice tone,-very very poetic like, most meaningful about our state of being today. Fine guitar, like the 'rasta' style picking,( I often do it, [something called 'pinching the string between fingernails, I'm sure'] Good percussion sounds...fine arranging. Great sizzling elelctric guitar solo. This flows so well...a hypnotic feeling. Love it. Looped it many times. Into my faves. Original artistry once more, always a nest surprise of sounds Pascal.
FAB! A wonderous work.
Great! Good chemistry.
An EXCELLENT composition. -Your friend. -Vesa.


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