The Autumleaf
The Autumleaf

Boogie Woogie Mama

album: Nowhere to Hide
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 1,587

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Boogie Woogie Mama Was The Autumnleafs 1 Major hit and was Played repeatedly on Television and many bands covering the sameThe song took Autumn Leaf to...
Boogie Woogie Mama
carol sue
09/30/18 02:56:34PM @carol-sue:
An extended congratulations to you and yours for your recent success!!
MTV UK , BBC , Rolling Stone Mag, Print Magazines , FM and Internet Radios Rock N Roll Tour
Bravo~ Living the dream!! :)

carol sue
10/20/17 07:01:08PM @carol-sue:
Great as ever! :)
Doug Dickens
02/12/17 07:20:01PM @doug-dickens:
Very fine
Lyrical Princess
01/19/15 07:26:23PM @lyrical-princess:
Hello Jay, It's been a while. I always enjoyed listening to this in the chat. I can't believe I never left a comment. This was always a favorite of mine. I love the melody, and the energy you all put into it. Everything works so well together. The music, lyrics , vocals & terrific Band. I hope that you are all still making music. I miss seeing you around the mix.

All The Best,

04/06/12 11:10:25PM @elektronz:
im not sure how to review non electronic tunes correctly myself being totally synths and drum machines etc but im not one of these genre fixed artsists ,,i get inspriation from anything sonically ..and the thing that really hits me about this tune is the production first ..its awesome getting a sweet stereo spread of all the sounds ..great vocals the guitars ..really crisp and clean sounding and the riffs are mint ...and as was said previous the tune is dam catchy ..well enjoyed this
06/19/11 02:09:31AM @shockhouse:
Ahhh yeah.... Reminds me of 90's guitar bands such as Fastball and The Odds mixed with The Police. Awesome vocal arrangement. The heart of this tune is at the right place.
09/13/10 11:29:03AM @obiwandk:
damm a nice track nice recording and mastering and the lyric is simple and catchy
Bernie J Kelz
03/12/09 03:21:00AM @bernie-j-kelz:
This song wins over the excellent vocals. Together with the well played instruments, especially the guitars, it delivered a "rounded up" song. I think you people found your own sound and it mustn't be hidden behind any other commercial productions around the world. It's fresh sound and very ear friendly to everybody I think, no doubt about it. Keep on the good work my friends....
03/03/09 06:24:38PM @king-cake:
Love the jangly guitars, great vocals.Definitely a hit....
02/15/09 10:50:20AM @blue-sahara:
I just felt like taking in a dose of The Autumnleaf! :-) A great way to get a day started, for sure. And lo-and-behold, I found a tune I didn't even review yet! Jay & Crew - I remember this song when it came out and I immediately loved, and still do! Wonderful vocal arrangement, as always - great harmonies, excellent mix. The drums on this tune are fantastic!
Man, you guys are good ... :-) Can't get enough!

11/05/08 05:50:54PM @ian-rushton:
I looked at the band photo...and then I listened to the tune! Wow! What a fantastic mismatch! ha ha! :) You guys sound great but this sure isn't what I was expecting to hear in terms of musical style and sound. This is a good, foot-tapping song with great vocals and guitar arrangements. Just goes to show... 'don't judge a book by it's cover'.
Nice one! :)

11/04/08 07:08:30PM @soundtrapper:
What a great groove and you guys work it right. Keep it moving and keep it interesting..that's a great listen.


matt morrow
10/31/08 09:53:58AM @matt-the-hatt:
very catchy tune, hooked me in on first listen, i'll be back to view more !

cheers matt..

10/15/08 10:46:57AM @mark-reed:
What an excellent song, I came across your page by pure chance. I'll definitely be back to listen to more. Well done
09/27/08 02:04:34AM @piperon:
Oh, I can't even sing this well. The ascent doesn't sound like you are a Asian. The classic style of your rock music is definitely undeniable. You guys must be doing lots of gigs to get there. I salute your passion for rock music.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

09/26/08 04:49:42PM @ab1:
I like this one afterall jay.. now that i know what else you guys do i can appreciate this one as not all you do.. and another cool thing is that it doesn't sound to much like anyone in particular.. it just sounds like the idiom.. the genre.. the style.. and this is so well played and sung it certainly has lots of style.. it flows real easy and natural like in this tempo.. I like the muted guitar pickings.. a real pleasant groove man.. cheers.. :-)
Tom Hoelle
09/13/08 07:23:50PM @tom-hoelle:
Great classic rock tones here! Good songwriting, arrangements, etc. The production is good... this is a winner!!! I love the vocals to close! Nice job!


Farrell Jackson
09/13/08 02:47:09PM @farrell-jackson:
I like the very upbeat and happy feel to this song although the lyric isn't a happy subject but it all works together quite well! Good vocals all around! My kind of music!


Rock The Road
09/13/08 02:46:32PM @rock-the-road:
Great Job
09/13/08 04:24:01AM @mike-lynn:
Very nice piece. This one really has a melody, a good chorus and superb production. Guess I have heard many songs today which played almost the same phrases for 4 to 5 minutes. Yours definitely came as a great relief for me. Thanks.
09/12/08 04:32:17PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Love the tune and you sent me a request to play it on my show. I can't ... it's not for download. Bummer!

Great piece, though!!!


09/12/08 06:11:47AM @the-autumleaf:
Thanks for the comments
09/12/08 06:10:28AM @ab2:
Most of what I`ve listened to today has been soft n gentle...THIS is my midday wake up call, forget the coffee, it`s too late for that...Lovin those tinkling guitars and the vocal performance in right on the money...This is such fun, and comes with a recommended tag attached..:-)
Great, lively piece of music you have here...Excellent..:-) 4 mins 5 secs of great music..:-)

Peace n love mags :-)

Luca Wulf
04/30/10 02:04:21PM @huge-artist:
Ah,the crowning glory.
Interesting to read of it's histroy.

Yeah,I can understand how this could take hold in commercial circles.
It's kind modern country,or country rock.

Summer music.
Freedom,blue skies,happy times.

Very nice piece of song writing indeed.


10/15/08 08:02:35PM @mike-kohlgraf:
We will Boogie Woogie Mama on Saturday Night ROcks!!! Classy!! Love it!!



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