The Bard Brothers
The Bard Brothers


album: demo
genre: Alternative
streams: 54

  Song Lyrics
Drops on the window proclaim Another lachrymose day; Eons since sun shone warmly on my face.   Body mummified Another long night on the train Passing towns...
  Song Information
Dusted one off from our first album. Decided to give it the studio treatment in homage to the first time I laid it recorded it to a Fostex 4-track cassette...
Farrell Jackson
02/17/15 10:43:39AM @farrell-jackson:
Not that I can recall the first cassette version but this sounds good so I think your redo worked Damian! It has a very warm analog sound which is an excellent feat for a digital recording. As far as some or none reverb on the lead vocal, I think it would work both ways. Here's my thoughts: if you leave the vox dry you might want to pull it back a little in the mix because it's sitting way out front right now. You might also add a touch of reverb which would allow it to sit better in the mix at it's current level. I happen to like reverb so I'm biased towards using it but I also like tracks to sound as if they are in the same room as far as reverb reflections go. Your dry lead vocal is in stark contrast to the music, especially the lead guitar...they are in different rooms. Having said all that, it really comes down to personal taste. Dry or wet vocals work depending on your likes and dislikes. Well done on the song!


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