The Bard Brothers
The Bard Brothers

Siren Song

album: demo
genre: Acoustic
streams: 55

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The tide is creeping closer Billow kiss my feet If I linger longer They will blanket me   I hear a voice Gently calling me Is it in my mind or from the...
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Staying true to the roots of a song with just guitars and voices. See what you think.
Siren Song
Buddy Powell
02/28/15 07:10:42PM @thebudpowell:
The Bard Brothers, It kinda reminds me of the old folk music of the 60s. You should never double voice all of the lyrics. Just highlights of the lyrics.
Farrell Jackson
02/23/15 12:50:27PM @farrell-jackson:
Kudos to you Damian for staying true to your vision of just vocals and acoustic guitars! I've tried that many times but always seemed to be lured by the Siren's call of a larger production and so goes the intimate sound with it. In your latest song postings you have managed to resist that call...This song is right in line with your goal and it's well done!
02/20/15 03:38:47PM @david-c-deal:
Very sweet, simple song.
02/20/15 02:21:13PM @gene-smith:
Oh this is nice right here.


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