The Bard Brothers
The Bard Brothers

Prayer of the Common Man

album: demo
genre: Bluegrass
streams: 34

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Midnight highway, a thousand miles from home Hard to see the right way, blinded by the snow Thoughts bound for heaven, fallen from the sky “Let me make...
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This is the result of picking up my mandolin after a long layoff. The riff just popped out, as did the lyrics. It's great when that happens, but only if the...
Prayer of the Common Man
Lyrical Princess
02/27/16 11:50:26PM @lyrical-princess:
Stupid question for you.(Just one, lol). Are either one of you fishermen ? (I know your Bio says Teachers). These are really great lyrics weather you are or not. Being layed off from a job is a tough spot to be in. It's strange how lyrics have a way of taking shape in certain situations. Sometimes in the worst. These are perfect & what timing.. The music and vocals are really great too. Did I say I love the lyrics ? (Sorry about the layoff)

All The Best,

Farrell Jackson
02/15/16 09:56:40AM @farrell-jackson:
Y&es, a very good song Bard Bros!



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