The Buttertones
The Buttertones


genre: Rock
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second song I recorded way way back. I wrote it in an afternoon and hit the record button. I was just familiarizing myself with my DAW and things got out of...
02/25/13 07:07:08PM @cooter:
So nice to see another tune added. I've been playing William Tell frequently, on MixStream Radio. And I'll certainly be playing this one.

It's a cool tune. You mentioned suggestions, I have one small one. I do not participate in the "loudness" wars, but the signal on this is quite low. If you were able to juice it just a bit, it would be much easier to hear without changing volumes, for a radio listener. Wanted is almost half the volume of William Tell, for example.

Other than signal strength, this is a way cool tune, Tony. I love it.



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