The Maudlin Hounds
The Maudlin Hounds

The Roaring Season

album: The Roaring Season
genre: Rock
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The Roaring Season: A track from the 2012 album, The Roaring Season. Notes: Have you ever felt like life is getting you nowhere, like you're stuck in the mud...
The Roaring Season
07/26/12 08:40:58AM @the-autumleaf:
Another super tune from Maudlin Hounds ...One of My favorite bands ...I love this style of yours ...with great vocals and powerful riffs
...great stuff guys
Jay from The Autumnleaf

11/13/11 06:52:54PM @the-maudlin-hounds:

Thanks Dolce, we thought nobody liked it so it's good to know we were wrong.. Appreciate it alot.

Have a great day :)

- TMH -

11/13/11 10:10:06AM @dolce:
I cannot believe I am the first to leave a review on this one. You guys rock...this song does not disappoint!

Congratulations on the upcoming album release!



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