The Rockin Cinders
The Rockin Cinders

Where The Wild Thyme Blows

album: Mojave Tales (
genre: Acid Jazz
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Where The Wild Thyme Blows
10/12/09 03:50:06PM @omegamon:
wow man, after hearing your Rock around the World, I noticed the acid jazz tune here you had posted and very curious to see what you do...! interesting vocal eq nad processing for the track, so different from the other sounds in the piece...but it works well, nice grooving underneath the vocal, great this one too bro...I'll be back...


05/22/09 11:41:35AM @baracasa:
love the melody in thus piece!, great work!
02/01/09 03:06:40PM @josephrodz:
Exelent track and got my vote for production and vocal.
01/19/09 08:56:12AM @richard-john:
Love the melody that weaves through this. Very chilled. The insistent, whispered vocals, placed low in the mix, were effective and original. infectious tune!

01/17/09 12:41:30PM @zzaj:
Ah, I've a feeling there must've been more than "thyme" involved in this one, amigo... a GREAT haunting going on... liked the recording & particularly enjoyed your lyrical "creep" here... gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me!


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