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The Rockin Cinders

Rock Around the World (Stellar Mix)

album: Roll Like Thunder (
genre: Rock
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  Song Lyrics
Rock Around the WorldMy guitar rings out like a shot in the nightCan’t hold back it when the feeling is rightLouder and louder  I got the feverLouder and...
Rock Around the World  (Stellar Mix)
07/26/12 08:02:53AM @the-autumleaf:
Cool Cool stuff ....Loved it
Jay From The Autumnleaf

07/10/10 10:52:40PM @eirik-finbak:
My foot is going crazy!
You got the beat! This is a cool and well produced Rock song.

"Louder, Louder"..

Good job!

John R. Kennedy
06/22/11 07:43:10PM @john-r-kennedy:
Very nicely done. E noyed the instrumentals and the lyrics were wrote for the music. Nice vocals and a really good mix on the production. Very nice song.

Blessings, John

10/23/09 03:41:54AM @bobritsky:
Hello Patric. Nice rock piece. Good sounding record, old style. I like it.
One comment about melody. Do you know latin-jazz standard "One not samba"? I've noticed that your track's melody has only 3 notes. Even "One note samba" has more, actually ))
Its just about making melodies more "interesting".

Hope you understand me,


10/12/09 03:44:18PM @omegamon:
yeah Patric, I read your influences and from the first notes of Rock Around the World, i really dug your arrangement and the guitars/vocal blending...very solid and rocking man...great singing and song hooks in this...thanks for sharing your work!


12/03/09 10:32:19PM @bigpete:
love this song just heard it on mix radio, great production, love the hook, just a hit, great job, I will be playing it on my mix radio show, five stars.
01/17/09 10:18:24AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Patric, first of all, welcome to Mixposure. Really like this tune ... very cool and catchy - a crowd pleaser, as I see it. Very nice harmonies, great vocals! This will be on my show tonight!!! Oh yeah!!!



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