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The Stifftones

The A$$hole Song

album: Unreleased
genre: Alternative
streams: 19

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This is the unrefined, uncut, and unedited version of our newest song, The A$$hole song. (Name subject to change as song finalizes itself).  We hope you...
The A$$hole Song
11/27/21 05:03:33PM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
I like!!We have one in England and its called Boris,but its not clean..its corrupt!!
11/27/21 11:56:34AM @bad-love-junkie:
Nice one :)

Queen Regina
11/27/21 11:44:14AM @queen-regina:
OMG, If you are going to get someone's attention. Ass ASS, ASS, CLEAN AS ASS CAN BE. #WELCOME TO MIX MY FRIENDS. The #TrueVulgarian aired this last night. Everyone enjoyed it. Everyone was entertained. Laughing, & having fun. Come join us in chat. Much Love,

DJ Queen Regina


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