The Strangelights
The Strangelights

New Wave

genre: Indie
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Dancing alone in my roomThe poem of a life in near completionLeft me to die in a tombA stone of light I view and through a vision:I�m getting out of...
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Produced by Rick Lucas,and The Strangelights Arranged & Performed by The Strangelights Composed by Beau Phillips Recorded at Guitar Heaven Studio in...
New Wave
01/11/11 06:58:39PM @bri-an:
Great band element, big thumbs up here, love the energy and the concept of the sound created, great toon guys!!
01/11/11 10:46:51AM @dave-meredith:

Nice feeling to this... Indie i would say also... the vocal works a treat in this mix... Good vocal melody and good chorus melody!!... Some sweet sounds in this mix... slighty dark edge to the sounds at times but the quality and structure is really good!!

Cheers for sharing this


01/11/11 04:02:46AM @templeton:
Ultra cool tune, nice changes and dynamics. Enjoyed the whole vibe..Thnx for sharing!



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