Thielus Grenon
Thielus Grenon
Thielus Grenon

Platypus on the Prowl

album: Nectar in a Sieve
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 63

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The sound clip intro is a real platypus. I was surprised at just how throaty they sound. I thought maybe they honked or something. The throaty sound was the...
Platypus on the Prowl
Gary Shukoski
10/09/16 03:29:35AM @gary-shukoski:
Beautiful changes in feel, mood, and meter!
06/30/13 04:38:10PM @tlt50:
I like a "Prowl" type tune. Time signatures are amazing. Fabulous changes.Incredible musicianship arranging and production...SUPERB !~!

all the best,

Larry T


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