tiger west
tiger west

the lonely ghost song

album: Come out, come out
genre: indie rock
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my girl can be so cruel sometimes she turns around the light i only feel my heart those times i'm gonna leave without a sound my girl she has her share of...
the lonely ghost song
tiger west
09/28/15 11:09:41AM @tiger-west:
thank you Jim, I really appreciate that!
tiger west
09/26/15 08:49:52AM @tiger-west:
Hey Vig-Wig, thanks for listening! The lyrics are posted, right under the song ;)
09/26/15 01:28:45AM @vig-wig:
The concept is intriguing but if you could provide lyrics so this deaf guy could follow the tune. I kinda think the vocal needs to stand out more but I can't hear high notes very well. Vic


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