Will Mitchell
Will Mitchell

I'm OK

genre: Acoustic
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don't worry with me i am ok with this i'm ok with this and though there's no guarantee i am ok with this i'm ok with this but first..   promise you'll miss...
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A song in denial of itself.  One of my favorites.
I'm OK
12/19/07 03:55:34AM @diva:
Someone suggested you try vocal effects on this. I disagree! What really strikes me is that the vocal sounds so honest, from-the-heart personal -- as if you're you talking face-to-face with someone. So PLEASE, don't muck with anything on this song. The sweet simplicity of the song and that vocal with thos lyrics really, truly touched me.
12/08/07 09:06:54AM @the-jet-black-project:
Very, very interesting vocal style. Can't put my finger on who it reminds me of, but nevertheless. Amazing production, very smooth and polished. I really like what you've done here.
11/28/07 10:19:43PM @mike-lynn:
Nice melody Will. You have quite a unique style with good composing skills.
The RatMan
11/28/07 09:16:14PM @the-ratman:
Will, The RatMan is here and listening. This could and is is really be nice, I think what you need to put this over the edge, is xome voal effects- little reverb and compression would fit well here, trust me my man. The RatMan!
KB Bren
11/28/07 06:27:17PM @kb-bren:
Nice song Will! An easy to listen to tune that flows nicely. Great job again! KB
Rob Grant
11/28/07 04:18:51PM @rayon-vert:
Will, This was a VERY NIce song. I really liked the production and instrumentation. You have a bit of a unique style and I really enjoyed your vocals. This was a VERY PLEASANT listening.


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