Norwegian Clouds

genre: New Age
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Norwegian Clouds
04/13/10 11:24:12AM @piperon:
I always has a kind of undefined feeling while listensing to your music, like I had know your music and you from the past - I mean, it's like I already know you from the past lifes. It gave me a kind of sensation that I cannot use any words to describe. The use of hollow flute (or panpipe) is a smart move together with the enchanting female choir. One neat combination. Perhaps one day, when I am more free, I will make a cloud animation for this track.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

03/03/10 10:25:00PM @tlt50:
Wim..... bro, the intro,with the amazing efx and lush soundscapes,was spectacular. A beautifully produced track...pristine in all ways.Bravo man.... OUTSTANDING ambient,new age , atmospheric composition !!

all the best,

Mista Perez
03/03/10 03:44:20PM @mista-perez:
I always loved new age music. It's a forgotten music. I am glad you brought this to the forefront again and made this an amazing listen. It brought joy to my ears listening to the great melodies. I am running to your page now to listen to more. Sincerely, Mista Perez


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