Yellow Jumps Twice
Yellow Jumps Twice

This Is Me

album: Stop Treatin' The Beaten Ways
genre: Rock/Pop
streams: 36

  Song Lyrics
THIS IS ME One thing in lifeHas me hiding what’s inside of meYou’d expect the worstIt will be so different to what you seeThe darkest placeInside my mind is...
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Don't be afraid of the darkest side of my soul.
This Is Me
Doug Dickens
04/10/18 08:46:13PM @doug-dickens:
All I had to do was see you had a new tune and just had to stop for a listen. Superb ...
carol sue
04/07/18 08:05:57PM @carol-sue:
Easy for me to continue on listening to some more of your music.. ;)
Awesome music, unique vocals.. overall outstanding, to say the least!!
Loved this great track!! ~Bravo!!

04/07/18 11:42:00AM @trimm:
Dang, that was good. Picked it out at random.. nice guitar and overall comp.
Farrell Jackson
04/07/18 10:43:28AM @farrell-jackson:
A dark song and lyric but very cool...excellent production here!



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