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Pure is life

album: pure imagination
genre: Acapella
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This is very much an ambient journey to space no change for me there Ihope you will enjoy the track
Pure is life
09/10/10 06:26:26AM @mel:
Love the intro with its pretty water sounds giving a feel of the environment, super beat kicks in! This is really artistic because it just seems to flow with your feelings. A quality production! Enjoyed this, wishing you well, Melsi
11/25/10 10:32:29AM @dj-waper:
Can I get a signed autograph?
Luca Wulf
09/11/10 10:51:25AM @huge-artist:
I'm getting old,that blue background kills my eyes LOL

You said the two magic words:"Space" and "Ambient".

As it opened,the stage was set.
I am learning quickly from your music that when you say ambient,it is not the beatless drone of new age composers, but the beat/pulse to an ambient style soundscape.
Which is fine with me :)

The breakdown into the the more trad ambient was beautifuly done.
The 3:52 mark heralded the grand sweep of keys,goosbumps time there,and then POW!
In with a thunderous bass drum.

I have also noted across the pieces I have heard that you have a great sense of ebb and flow,build and release.
Your mind does a great deal of inner travelling.

There is alos something else present,but kind of subliminal.
Great joy and great sadness.
Something is free and something is captive.
I could be over reading things,just the impressions I get.
I tend to listen on an emotional level,so impressions is very much it's language.

8:00 of pure bliss.

You keep making music like this and I'll be quiet happy to listen to it all.
In fact,I'll thank you in advance for the download I am about to do.



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