3rd Deck
3rd Deck
3rd Deck

In Repair

album: 3rd Deck
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 25

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Neil Dyck - Lead Vocals & GuitarMiguel Gosano - Guitar & VocalsMichael Fisher - Bass & VocalsAdam Eason - Drums Produced by 3rd Deck & Soren...
In Repair
04/10/22 12:06:01PM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
Another great song!!Love it!!- April
Farrell Jackson
04/08/22 10:10:27AM @farrell-jackson:
A great slice of pop rock pie! A cool recording and production. Some fine vocals and lyrics...well done 3rd Deck!
04/07/22 03:54:38PM @bustert:
Your song grooves very well with heartblood! Enjoying...
04/07/22 05:38:19AM @tristynleach:
another well produced pop rock track, and also catchy. good driving music, enjoyed


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