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Almost Lovers

album: Lovely Lilys
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 2,888

  Song Information
Ashley Lanser- vocals and piano Jim Easton- bass & guitar  Karen Vroon- backup vocals Tom Strohman- flute and synth Laurie Reese- strings and cello John...
Almost Lovers
01/18/18 10:27:14PM @moquinn:
This pulls at my heart strings ~ been there
02/07/11 10:53:28PM @eirik-finbak:
As a big fan of the sound of an acoustic guitar, I must say that this was a feast for the ear!
And your vocals are clear and fits nicely in the song!
I like the entirety of this song very much!

07/22/10 04:19:50AM @anna-jackson:
This is an amazing song ashley! with such a beautiful voice! i can see you have the music, the voice and the look! i see you going a long way girl!
06/26/10 07:18:23PM @dj-jezza:
beautiful, just beautiful, will be keeping tabs on you from now on :)
05/08/10 10:08:14PM @the-bard-brothers:
There is no denying you know what you're doing. Love the layered "images" section. All the sounds are well recorded with the exception of the acoustic guitar which is direct-in. This song, with its richness, needs the rhythm guitar to be recorded with a microphone to get the full resonance of the the instrument.

I wish I could sing as well as you. The positive reviews certainly are merited.

01/09/10 05:14:48PM @unity-road:
Great vocal track and sound, nicely mixed songs, a song many people can relate to, cool arrangment, great listen
Jenifer Kinder
11/15/09 11:22:36PM @the-uptown-band-featuring-erich-cawalla-and-jenifer-kinder:
I really love the tone of your voice in this song.So pure!
10/27/09 05:19:39PM @mike-kohlgraf:
This was so good on the CSP, Ashley - I'll play it again this weekend!! :)


10/14/09 11:54:02AM @piperon:
Oh my, this is awesomely beautiful music, love at first listensing. Great voice and great passion, without looking at your image, I am really in love with your vocal.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

10/12/09 08:19:15PM @richard-darren-horton:
I really like your vocal control, its very soulful to my ears.
This song has a lot of crossover commercial potential I think, as its a catchy tune that stays with you.
Thanks for posting this for us!

10/08/09 09:24:15AM @chronamut:
very nice - however if this was done in a studio a little bit of resonance added to your voice would really help it to merge with the song :)

the strings are a nice touch - as for the bells though - I feel they are indeed nice but I thin some more celestial feeling bells might fit a little better - I found them a bit too .. harsh? I don't know..

anyways great song :)


10/07/09 03:36:13PM @austn:
Awesome bass and guitar Meld,Blend...contrasted by your sensual deep, full ranged voice Nflections...the double-up harmonies and trade-offs every other line R superb...luv the trickle down vocalizations U throw N...Bridge is DYNAMIC and full of build N2 the sensual bring it 'round...those percusive bells N the background R sweet on the last verse...Thumbs ^^^^^ Ashley yer HOTTTTTT!!!!!ThanX 4 letting me listen~Austn
11/01/10 11:45:08PM @the-unravelling:
This is a great song. You have a great voice and the lyrics are good. Production is excellent and all the instruments are well played. The song is well constructed. I probably would have put it in pop genre.
10/26/09 08:10:02PM @gordon-leed:
Wow - what a lovely song this one is. Love it
Incarnate Word
09/09/09 09:04:52AM @incarnate-word:
Everytime I listen to this song it makes me wish I was there. Killer tune very emotional, Makes me wish we were almost
Fantastic music , fantastic voice. very well done. Great job. hope your weekend was groovey.

09/05/09 12:11:07PM @bigpete:
great story telling, love the vocal performance, classic arangments very good production, very solid track all around.
08/25/09 09:41:53PM @dazed:
awesome! what a great sound. The guitar work sounds remarkable and I am really loving the vocals. Nice harmonies as well;. Yeah this track shines.
08/23/09 03:22:56AM @through-a-glass-darkly:
Another well crafted beautifully sung and played offering - thanks. Derek
08/23/09 03:11:48AM @mike-lynn:
Another fine song with good melody & rhythm and I always enjoy your vocals & harmonies. Good production as well. Thanks for sharing. Cheers / Mike
08/22/09 11:32:56PM @vesa:
What a lovely start with the guitar, & mesmerized by you fine vocals. Great backup, lovely motion in the song, good lyrics, meaningful...fine string synth in the backup. Your voice has such a wonderful tone & expression. Good complimenting with the instruments. Like the guitar addition. This is an EXCELLENT composition. Glad I came. Thanks for the pleasure Ashley. Worth more listens since I like this alot.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

Rogers-Tennison Band
08/22/09 06:59:52PM @rogers-tennison-band:
Great vocals . . . harmonies . . . lyrics . . . same old thing with you. I love the break / bridge at 2:30 +/- & the bells (?) at 3:12. What planet do you come from? Do you ever write a less than great tune?
08/22/09 07:20:18AM @richard-john:
A well put together, pro production! Lovely melody, fine vocals/ harmonies! A really memorable, contempory ballad. Great stuff!

08/22/09 05:29:27AM @mel:
Very pretty gentle start to this leading to your beautiful vocals. Such sweet words and lovely melody. A lovely song! Great work all round. Hope you are all well, and Ash is feeling brighter! Melsi
10/04/09 10:18:06PM @tdelecce:
This song is beautiful. Your voice is lovely. Excellent musicianship. Good to see you are playing piano as well as singing so well. Excellent work and greetings from a fellow Pennsylvanian. Nice work!
08/29/09 11:03:55AM @chrickon:
Great track!! I like the arrangement and instrumentation! Vocals and playing is very tasty and soulfull. Excellent!!
BTW! Thanks for your kind comments! appreciated.

Jasmine Tea
08/22/09 06:58:52PM @jasmine-tea:
I love the guitars in this, and your beautiful, gentle voice. The lyrics are full of imagery with a story that most of us can easily relate to. Excellent production and performance. :)
Incarnate Word
08/28/09 09:25:15PM @incarnate-word:
boy if i could say anything it would be awsome..I love this song i felt it in my heart.
04/19/10 04:29:29PM @bugtheroot:
"Almost lovers" has such a great introduction! Love that melody and your vocals. Beautiful.
Lyrical Princess
08/27/09 04:15:20PM @lyrical-princess:
WOW!! What's not to like about this song.. Beautiful vocals and lyrics that chill me to the bone.. "Almost Lovers" is one to be listened to over and again.. Love everything about this.. Fantastic!! Definately a full 5*****... Thank You so much for the D/L

All The Best,

Steve Rudolph
12/16/09 01:43:52PM @steve-rudolph:
The true test of a song is how well it can tranlate to differant styles of music and still hold its own. I'm so enjoying this song and your voice that I want to write up a jazz arrangement of this piece.
Reese Project
12/14/09 12:27:10PM @the-reese-project:
Great song Ashley, love your voice and the band. You sound classically trained being that I can clearly understand every vocal passage! I really liked as well the strings on Ashes And Wine lol...

11/12/09 12:29:18PM @piperon:
This is one beautiful music that I can relate to, a passion of love and denied, just telling my own story. Beautifully rendered, excellence musicianship and vocalist.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

07/12/10 05:35:05PM @eirik-finbak:
You have a beautifull voice who brings this songs power and strenght.
The song i swell written. Not bad to look like Taylor Swift either ;)

The Chorus works fine and stays in your head trough sometime :)


12/01/09 03:02:42PM @ed-drury:
Beautiful song with perfect treatment. The melody is so pure delivering the lyrics patiently, plainly, with strength of feeling. So many nice touches in the mix that feature the wonderful vocal talent here. Totally fell for this track on first listen. It speaks for so many so well. Nicely done!


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