Abbeyville Road
Abbeyville Road
Abbeyville Road

If U Want Me To

album: Ashley & Mack
genre: Ballad
streams: 167

  Song Information
written by- Ginny Owens Sung By Ashley Lanser & Mack Sanders Music performed by Professional Backing Track
If U Want Me To
07/07/10 12:21:52PM @dj-jezza:
excellent, mack and you, just awesome, fun, and an amazing production.

Theres just plenty going on in this track to tap your foot too.


04/02/10 09:07:44AM @seekers-after-smooth-things:
I could not check the info on this but I think it is an existing Ashley tune with Mack added sounding as often he does like the lonely impassioned Mark Kozelek. Well it is a fair tune but I was kind of waiting for Mack to take off and does not quite get the chance. Still very good in this genre. ftlpope
04/02/10 12:29:32PM @chrickon:
Beautiful song with a beautiful performance by you two!

07/12/10 05:40:02PM @eirik-finbak:
Clever collaboration.Your voices matches each other in a good way.
A good and wonderfull ballad with meaningsfull lyrics.


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