Adrian and the Sickness
Adrian and the Sickness

What Ya Do To Me

album: B.F.D.
genre: Rock
streams: 362
creation date: 2010-03-09

What Ya Do To Me
03/09/11 12:39:47AM @saturated:
Congrats on song of the week and deservedly so!!! This kicks ass from top to bottom. Love the tone of the guitars, sound of the drums.. vocals are smokin.. just all round great stuff!
04/01/10 12:02:14AM @digger-stone:
rocknroll right here! chicks or not, this is bad ass!

guitars are smokin hot, vox are tight and strong all the way through! a well written song from a very talented band... guitar lead is smoking! i do hear a hint of seather meets the bangles meets varuca salt w/some bad ass leads thrown in. jmo.


Incarnate Word
03/16/10 06:37:11PM @incarnate-word:
chick rock is very cool. the production is tight on this. the band sounds great. arrangement is high energy. great Job.
03/09/10 09:07:18PM @dazed:
suggest listening to this at louder decibels. I like the timing changes on this tune and some of the guitar panning. The stuff panned left side is awesome but may need to come down in the mix. It seems to step on the vox a little.

The vocals are extremely impressive. Great range and power! This is one for the MixStream Radio Shows here. Excellent tune!

03/09/10 05:26:06PM @ed-drury:
Tight blues track with awesome vocal. Really rocks. Like the intricate guitar parts and call/response structure. The drum track is really driving the whole thing. Love the right out front and in your face guitar lead. Hot!
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02/27/11 05:25:47PM @:
Excellent song here...its not everyday you hear a fresh take on Rock & Roll. I dig your sound and the way you attacked this one. Great vibe also. I think this is a great choice for Song Of The Week. It helped me find your page and some great tunes. Well done...hope all is well. Great job!


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