Adrian and the Sickness
Adrian and the Sickness


album: B.F.D.
genre: Rock
streams: 162
creation date: 2010-03-14

04/01/10 12:06:35AM @digger-stone:
i'd be willing to bet you guys are killer live, again! every thing is right on...the guitar is just so suited for this, the vox bass and drums tight and sweet!

you guys rock!


03/20/10 01:49:16PM @dazed:
I can hear the Zeppelin influence on this tune and am digging it. Bass player and the drummer have great chemistry. Very tight playing. Great guitar riffs and vocals and production.
Incarnate Word
03/16/10 07:54:11PM @incarnate-word:
This is cool it has a post modern Zep-ish kinda melody. Grinding riffs and in your face vocals make this a very cool piece. great job.
03/14/10 01:58:16PM @ed-drury:
Very much Jimmy Page feel, but above and beyond this just rocks. Love the call and response between the vocal and the guitar parts. Some just kickin' shredding, dynamic vocals and in your face lyrics. Well done.
03/14/10 01:31:18PM @000:
great material. I haven't heard guitar tone like that since Mr. Jimmy Page. I can hear all of the influences you have sited in your bio. Reaaly cool vid ya'll have posted too.....peace
03/15/10 08:19:26AM @schule-der-nacht:
I think I am going to get on this bandwagon because although the earlier tunes did not quite do it for me, this, to use an expression 'kicks fundament.' In any case, how can I disagree with RW. 2.5 minutes of frantic ear bashing pleasure. ftlpope
03/16/10 01:57:11AM @brian-mattson:
This is heavy and most enjoyable! Guitar just kills it for me, and the vocals are just right.

Love it!


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