Adrian and the Sickness
Adrian and the Sickness

Modern Freedom

album: B.F.D.
genre: Rock
streams: 161
creation date: 2010-03-15

Modern Freedom
03/17/10 09:30:27AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Great riffing and very close harmonies - excellent production. Not quite memorable enough but very impressive. ftlpope
Incarnate Word
03/16/10 07:55:49PM @incarnate-word:
Hard Rock and High energy best describes this song. this starts 90 miles an hour and keeps the pace all the way through. I love the Harmonies and the arrangement is solid. Great Rock.
David Lee
03/15/10 02:35:55PM @david-lee:
Great guitar sound. Love the scouped mids.
Good vocal. Well mixed. Love the break.

03/16/10 03:28:15PM @ed-drury:
Killer tight guitar/percussion and high energy vocals. Really hot track! I love the guitar leads, smokin'. Yeah, and the break is really hot, love the toms!
03/20/10 01:45:46PM @dazed:
To me, high energy rock like this is what makes music. You still carry the melody and get people off their feet without making them feel like their face is melting off from thrash tones.

Great musicianship all the way around.


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