Adrian Wilding
Adrian Wilding
Adrian Wilding

It Can't Last Forever

album: Ghosts Of My Past
genre: Rock, Blues, Southern Rock
streams: 17
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  Song Lyrics
It Can’t Last Forever People talking all around me, but I don’t hear a word they say  You may as well just gag and bound them, You know we ain’t thinking...
  Song Information
A song about a lost love. 
It Can't Last Forever
tony cee
05/07/21 02:03:26PM @tony-cee:
nice track adrian , great vocals love the guitar work , cheers tony cee
Adrian Wilding
05/07/21 04:08:58AM @adrian-wilding:
Thank you @queen-regina much appreciated. 😊
Queen Regina
05/06/21 10:08:05PM @queen-regina:
Wow Adrian, another excellent track. #QueenReginaPickHit Loving your music.


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