the day the earth went cold

album: An Experiment in Orbital Displacement
genre: Ambient
streams: 56
creation date: 2009-01-14

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Completed in 2004, my 8-minute epic.Interesting tools used: bleepbloorps.
the day the earth went cold
04/14/09 09:38:49PM @artificial-wonders:
I'm not even 30 seconds into the song yet - intro grabbed me in like hands from the earth. ____ This song almost seems alive, the chords shift in and out of their own will, never doing what you expect them to at first, yet sounding perfectly in place. ____ I have three levels of enjoyment for a song I hear. First level being simply enjoying it, maybe a tapping of the beat. Second level being chills. Third level being chills on the chills. So why does this one have the third level? Firstly, I'm hearing a possibly unintentional Phendrana Drifts influence (Metroid Prime), and if there's a Metroid fanatic on God's green Earth, I'm putting my money on that it'd be me. Secondly, the rhythm, the way it flows, it reminds me of how I used to compose, when all the ideas that had been crammed into my head couldn't get out through me simply typing out my rhythms in FL Studio, finally streamed out when I had a keystation to work with - Nostalgia and connecting with the music on a deeper level. ____ Forgive me if I'm rambling here. This song is a rare, very very rare, 5.0 stars coming from me for an ambient piece. Don't change anything about it.
Lyrical Princess
03/04/09 12:13:57PM @lyrical-princess:
Hello Rab, I have listened to all of your tracks.. I do enjoy the piano very much.. Loved listening to "The Day The Earth Went Cold".. I Found it to be a very relaxing piece of art.. Beautiful... Welcome To The Mix :) All The Best, lonesome princess
01/15/09 12:17:39AM @the-autumleaf:
Great Ambience and Smoooth Tune....Excellent work..Solid work on the Synth..takes one to the feel the title gives...Great Music
Jay from The Autumnleaf


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