For Every Action, There is an Equal and Opposite Revenge

album: An Experiment in Orbital Displacement
genre: Trip-Hop
streams: 69
creation date: 2009-01-17

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Some piano, some drums, some weird indeterminate noise. What more can you wish you hadn't asked for?Interesting tools used: dirty vynil, dirty fuzz, dirty...
For Every Action, There is an Equal and Opposite Revenge
12/06/11 04:56:22PM @endless-rotary:
Well, to start with, that's ablood brilliant song title. Wish I'd though of it myself. Cheeky, witty stuff with a nice surprise at the end (the title, not the music). The music: good stuff and I don't mind the level of the drums, actually. Works well enough and I like the scratchy sounds. Good space in this track. Nice, high piano notes too. Review finished and posted before I was even halfway through the track!
09/10/10 07:00:42AM @obiwandk:
mate i think you need to make the drums a bit more forward in the sound picture
01/18/09 12:39:28PM @surfnorthwest:
This one has some interesting sounds. At 1:15 the songs begins to unfold and sounds good. I thought the scratchy record sound distracted from the music. At 2:19 there is another chapter to the song and that was my favorite, well done.


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