things lost; a memory

album: Complete Thoughts from a fratcured mind
genre: Soundtrack
streams: 62
creation date: 2009-03-05

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Written as score for a friend's short film.I composed the piano live, and then extrapolated from there with some e-bow drones and of interest...
things lost; a memory
09/10/10 06:47:10AM @obiwandk:
you are good at the piano mate and the compositions is very great i enjoyed this number a lot
05/09/09 06:59:34AM @mark-reed:
Nice piece to start my listening day, liked the dynamics especially the piano work. very well done
03/06/09 12:04:44PM @slowmarchingband:
I agree with Mel about this being on the dark/desperate side as I'm sure that was your intended purpose. Beautifully done! Cinematic for sure!! Nice piano bits.
03/06/09 09:30:29AM @mel:
Another sad and moving composition. Beautiful piano playing, and like the use of different sounds you bring in to this. I have to wonder what your friends short film was that you wrote this for. It feels kind of dark, lost - like the memory maybe! Enjoyed this. Melsi


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