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Akademie des Tag

Plangent (remix - RW with ftlpope)

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RW fires up the guitars and lays back the drums to give ftlpope’s Akadamie des Tag a salutary lesson in cool grooving. RW – (lead) drums, electric guitars....
Plangent (remix - RW with ftlpope)
02/03/10 01:43:41AM @digger-stone:
man this is so bad a$$! right on ftlpope...... i heard your other stuff on your other page, and where i could not relate to it, i could still appreciate it for the ability it takes to wright something like that.

but this just rocks!!!! i will deff. be back for more.


01/26/10 05:01:28PM @the-full-quid:
excellent guitar work
01/26/10 04:59:09PM @the-full-quid:
this is great lover it ...
12/16/09 09:04:33PM @genghisken:
Very nice sounding track here, I like the groovy guitar, and the drums!
12/17/09 02:02:30AM @000:
It was my pleasure man. Glad you liked it enough to post it.
Thanks again for taking the time to listen and comment on not only a select few but everyones songs. You make this place that much better. We must do another sometime. Peace.

12/16/09 07:14:30PM @amy-caldwell:
Very cool sounds..had me hooked right from the start. Some really nice guitar work throughout. Kind of wish it was a bit higher in the mix, but still thoroughly enjoyed this!! Nice work!
04/02/10 02:11:54PM @autopilot-club:
Smooth, a very chill & laidback tune with a smokey 70`s vibe. Enjoyed the basslines on this, a major contributor to the atmosphere and an excellent platform for the tasty licks provided by the MIXmaster himself - RW.
Amazing playing, this tune could easily be extended to a 9 minute epic Allman-style tune without losing It.
To compensate for short runningtime, I listened to it 4 times.. :).
A memorable listen.

12/23/09 05:13:45PM @les-beasley:
Sweet Sounds for sure.


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