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Akademie des Tag

Pungent (son of Plangent or a slight return)

genre: Acoustic Rock
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When in that groove and you can't get out of it just keep going.  So, Pungent, son of Plangent.
Pungent (son of Plangent or a slight return)
10/03/10 11:20:57AM @cooter:
Now, this is downright cool. Love your choices of instrumentation and their delivery, pleasing tones. Really nice balance in this mix, too.

What a great listen!


04/18/10 07:33:02AM @000:
Sir Andrew, Great tune man! Better every time. Love this mix. Most cool groove. Love the bass line. Piano line is great( fits perfect). Everything sounds great. Glad I stopped in. Peace man.......
03/16/10 01:47:42AM @brian-mattson:
Gotta love the slide!
03/15/10 06:38:10PM @microjazz:
Another cracking acoustic track - crisp production and some great slide work.
03/21/10 05:54:51PM @genghisken:
Excellent intro, superb bass as usual, excellent slide work. Such a bluesy feel to this, with a carefree mood all while maintaining the right amount of discipline on the strings. The percussion track (especially in the intro) is simply amazing. Add sax to this and you'd have Jazz, harmonica - blues and horns would make it funk, this is one heck of a tune you've conjured up my "Melomancer"!
03/15/10 12:06:21PM @bigpete:
Great acoustic work, wow my fingers are hurting just listening (I don't have the fingers to play acoustic, the finger shredder), great sounding production, is that your new bass it sounds really great, great stuff be playing it tonight for sure.


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