Alex Nester
Alex Nester

For Life

album: Rattle The Walls
genre: Soul
streams: 113

For Life
03/21/13 09:40:38AM @josephrodz:
Very over the top song,voice,production and all.

12/15/10 12:56:44PM @miguel-a-wilder:
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am blown away. Great track all the way around.
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10/14/10 04:18:11PM @:
I haven't heard this one from you goodness...what a soulful vibe already from the first notes. Your voice is major! LOVE how you sang to the piano for the first part of the song and then that glorious sax plays on...then the strings...oh my my my....I wanna sing with you so bad, lol. When I hear music like this, I just wanna have major chops!! Blowing me away...just tooooo good! Give this girl a Grammy....bravo!
Farrell Jackson
04/25/10 11:29:01AM @farrell-jackson:
Outstanding performance! A standing ovation is in order !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11/29/09 02:31:10PM @lisarenee:
I love it! I love it! this is a wonderful, powerful, sexy, jazzy, soul, melt in your melt production of a song! Please keep the tracks coming!

Love it!
Keep up the good work!
-Peace, and many Blessings!


08/27/09 06:02:34PM @blue-sahara:
Fantastic production! World-class vocal performance. Lovely arrangement; you gotta love those strings! Yes, this is pro quality!

08/26/09 05:10:17AM @mel:
Beautiful intro to this song, then in come your stunning vocals. Alongside the piano this leads into a smooth and quality song. What a wonderful production, reminds me of an old Motown classic. Really loved this listen, your vocals and the instrumentals, (Sax is my fave!). Wishing you well, Melsi
Abbeyville Road
08/27/09 08:15:52AM @abbeyvilleroad:
World Class vocals and production-!! 5 Stars *****


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