Andy Shearer
Andy Shearer

The Maiden's Tale

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:06
Early one morning, a new day was dawning
A whaler set sail from the quay
A pretty young maiden was stood there a-wavin'
Fare-thee-well as her love put to sea
But before the day's done her love will be gone
One of many souls lost to the deep
Oh the waves they roll high over vessels that lie
In the ocean's deep graveyard keep (now he's gone)

As the daylight grew shorter, wives sons & daughters
Gathered anxiously down by the quay
But as day turned to night there was nothing in sight
Just the sound of a big storm at sea
She stood through the gale but to no avail
For her love he never returned
They say that he drowned though no body was found
Oh how for her love she yearned (now he's gone)

Down by quay lane where she sees him again
With her hair in the breeze flowing free
Through the warm summer haze she'll catch his gaze
And they'll walk hand in hand to the sea
She'll turn her head to catch what he said
But all she will hear is the sea
And just as the sand slips straight through her hands
Like the leaves that fall from the trees (now she's gone)

Written, arranged & produced by Andy Shearer.
Andy Shearer Music. © 2020


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