La Bikina

album: Eklectica
genre: Acoustic
streams: 217
creation date: 2007-12-30

  Song Lyrics
Solitaria camina La Bikina la gente se pone a murmurar dicen que tiene una pena, dicen que tiene una pena que la hace llorar Altanera, preciosa, y...
  Song Information
Composed by Ruben Fuentes, a mexican composer, this song is performed by Luis Miguel and others. It was inspired by the first woman that dared to wear a...
La Bikina
06/12/09 11:43:22AM @mark-reed:
I'm impressed with the work it took to orchestrate this piece. You did a very good job with it. Mix is excellent. Well played, would certainly be interesting to hear the original to make a balanced comparison. Nice work
10/09/08 11:34:54PM @piperon:
String ensemble in progression, like kind of tango mood swing. A classical egdge to your music kingdom, one great way to diversify your talented work.

With million of love from Singapore.
One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

04/19/08 07:05:40PM @tcp:
Well, ok Emelio...the image for this song got me here first. Guatemala is a beautiful country. I spent a week there. The people are marvelous! This is certainly a perfect production and I absolutely love the interaction of the two strings (cellos? violas?) sometimes doubling, sometimes counter-melody. Very well conceived piece my friend!! Welcome to iMS!!!!!!! ~Blake
04/16/12 07:46:30AM @kalola-kiss:
Waltzing around the floor to this gracious Mexican tune would be such a wonderful thing to do. You've really caught the flavor of this from our friends south of the boarder.
02/01/08 11:29:52AM @syntopia-music:
Oh what a great music, i love it. The guitar so beautiful. fantastic production and a very nice track.
01/15/08 08:32:07AM @ab1:
the first mexican lady in a bikini? REMINDS ME OF DJANGO AND GRAPELLI.. so this happened in the 40s or 50s amigo? this arrangment features a really lovely orchestration and production of this classic melody.. you have a fine command of jazz harmony and arranging.. i will make my way down your soulful list.. thanks for exchanging views with me..

12/30/07 04:26:34PM @dazed:
recording on this is excellent. I feel like I am sitting in the front row of a concert.

very well done. instruments sound superb.


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