Gotta Have Heart

genre: Hard Rock
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creation date: 2008-07-08
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When X or Y splashes down, penetrates the target,Love will surely find a way to start that beating heartMore than  just  protoplasm a water bag chasmThey say...
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That Song stressing what we all need 2 have and use more of 2 get thrU this CraZness we R given 2day...we "GOTTA HAVE HEART"...
Gotta Have Heart
03/15/21 02:40:04AM @tlt50:
Was this a snippet or what.?? Some excellent music going on. You must have a big staff spinning all your tunes, Bravo...for whatever that's worth.
Juri R
02/12/09 11:26:28AM @grand-jury:
Intresting and unusual in a good sense,-at the same time the song one can erasily relate to.Very goof riffomatic/drum- foundation...not a dull moment.


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