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album: E~TER~NI~TY
genre: Alternative Rock
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creation date: 2008-12-22
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1st track off my Nu CD coming out N 2009...Song describing that "DREAM" we all have as a child when we first pick up a guitar and try 2 tune it...we...
Best Guitarist N the World
09/12/10 10:33:05PM @wrightdude:
Great stuff! A little levity + music = lotsa fun! Enjoyed!
01/02/10 12:58:38PM @slowmarchingband:
This is a wild ride. A class of it's own I'd say. Excellent guitar playing with a good variety of tones. Had me laughing with those lyrics. Should be good enough for the next Jack Black film feature. Loved it.


Incarnate Word
09/09/09 06:00:08PM @incarnate-word:
This was the first song I experenced by you and yesit was a unique experence and I thank you for it. I loved every minute, every note and every word. It had me laughing and it had a vibe that was seriousley positive. Thank god there are artist like you in this world. you put the fun back into fun with this one. your Fan Rolla IW
03/13/09 01:52:47PM @that-never-was:
Very cool tune, im glad i found you. This really rocks and is right down my alley. Very cool stuff here.
William - That Never Was

01/02/09 01:43:16PM @buddrumming:
Hey Austn...this is way otta my, can i ever appreciate did an amazing job Bro... I see the hard work you put on this musical canvas...It Rocks...:) Thx, Bud
01/02/09 01:29:13PM @mri:
dude this is great. it's like the Butthole Surfers. it also reminds me of one of my friend's band ( John The Baker ) out in well as our bass player's Dan's music ( aside from MRI each of us have our individual projects ) Dan does this Zappa style stuff that reminds me of this. It's way cool. Dan is is the hospital at present undergoing some pretty serious medical treatments for a chronic blood disease ailment from childhood. Alan and I are patiently waiting for him and supporting him to come through and get back healthy and happy ( as we have shows in NYC and Miami this summer ) but when he comes out I will send him your stuff as he will enjoy it tremendously and may want to collaborate with you on future projects.

the guitar in this alone is a masterfully Frank Zappa treatment of your playing and the vocals remind me of Gibby from the surfers.

Here's my friends band...

If you ever talk to john tell him that Daren of MRI was also Daren of Oedipus Next ( Oedipus Next was my band in the 90's in Woostock where John The Baker is from too )

12/26/08 08:59:11AM @test200:
hey Austn, you do alot of different stuff, wild imagination, very cool. This track rocks but has many other elements, breakdowns and cool acoustic spots. Man that guitar is sliding around in a rock frenzy.
yup, I burns it up. Keep it happening.

12/23/08 09:00:13PM @piperon:
This drive an elephant too, very hard rocker. Fusion is your middle name, just step on the hot plate and got me burned with your fire fury but the latino transition really surprised me. Love the acoustic, always my favourite. With million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual player on Earth.
12/22/08 04:58:27PM @vesa:
Neat start -like the nifty synth sound along with the cool guitarwork. The fine vocals/a few phrases reminds me a bit of Dylan,- just came to the neat tempo change with the acoustic, most infectious Spanish flair there...clever idea. Like this. Really excellent Austin. Fine playing...most enjoyable.
Superb. -Vesa. Take care. HAPPY HOLIDAZE.

12/22/08 02:40:47PM @zzaj:
RAVE, verzure, man! This stuff is KICKin'... not xactly my "reg'lar" style, but there's no doubt THIS would get my Harley started! I give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for guitar fans everywhere!
Luca Wulf
12/10/09 03:28:54PM @huge-artist:
I never know what to expect from you Austn...
I know it will be cool and I know it will be different to everything I have listened to of yours,and that has beena few now if we look back towards our time at the old mix :)

This is an excellent piece.
It takes a basic idea and format and pushes the boundary for all it's worth.
From heavy to spanish.
That lead kicks ass :)

Top notch mate.


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