Mike-NAV w/ The BUDDY GUY BAND (Live @ The Shaboo Inn 1973)

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By: Mike-NAV
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<p><strong><em>Howdy gang...</em></strong></p><p>&nbsp;<br /><strong><em>I just got off the phone with Australia...and it seems that David Pendragon discovered an audio recording of a gig I did with Buddy Guy and Junior Wells when I was the Hammond organist for that group (1972-1973)... while looking for historical footage for our documentary. I have never heard any recordings of my time with this band before this track was found....but I clearly recognize my Hammond B-3 and Leslie by the tones I always used (and still do at times) when I played back then...and by my playing style. I was just 21 years old when this recording was made. </em></strong></p><p><br /><strong><em>Even though this recording is almost 40 years old...it was taken right off the sound board at The Shaboo Inn, a legendary concert club that was owned by my two brothers...so it is very clear. The dates indicated were clearly during my stint with that band. After listening to it...I realize this is at the beginning of a set...before Buddy Guy and Junior Wells are brought up to the stage. They always did the "Chicago" thing of letting the band warm up the crowd before the REAL stars of the show hit the stage...so the vocalist and guitarist you are hearing is actually the late, great Phillip Guy (Buddy's younger brother) who was himself a great blues guitarist and vocalist who was very partial to Albert Collins-style guitar playing. The drummer is a guy who simply was known as "The Snake"...and the bass player was a guy named Herman Applewhite. I play the B-3. Unfortunately there is no video...but finding this recording is still like finding a gift. </em></strong></p><p><br /><strong><em>&nbsp;Enjoy. </em></strong></p><p><br /><strong><em>LINK: <a href=&quobuddy guy - track 3 - Born under a bad sign. Live at the Shaboo inn. 4/5/73; target="_blank"&gbuddy guy - track 3 - Born under a bad sign. Live at the Shaboo inn. 4/5/73;

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now that is cool!!


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