Bad Love Junkie
Bad Love Junkie
Bad Love Junkie

Easy Way Out (Headshrinker)

genre: Alt Rock
streams: 36
creation date: 2024-02-10

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Easy Way Out (Headshrinker) I got it in my mind to do something wrong I want to shed my skin I've been in it way too long And I feel just like a ghost With...
Easy Way Out (Headshrinker)
02/16/24 08:23:38AM @bad-love-junkie:
Thank you my friends! @farrell-jackson. @rob-grant,@moequinn, @tristyn-leach. @the-truevulgarians, @tony-cee
I so appreciate you taking the time and leaving a comment best to you all Eric

02/13/24 07:47:41AM @tristynleach:
it's in my fav ever song playlist so cant say more than its awesome dude
02/12/24 07:37:18PM @the-truevulgarians:
Super song dude! You make amazing music and this one is likely my current favorite. Your vocal delivery is really special on this one!
02/11/24 07:31:59PM @moequinn:
one of many favorite songs of yours @bad-love-junkie
Peace Eric

tony cee
02/11/24 03:13:57PM @tony-cee:
how you havnt been signed i do not know eric you keep turning out superb songs of great quality and your vocals and mixes are superb , this song is excellent , keep going eric ......cheers tony cee
Rob Grant
02/11/24 01:02:03PM @rob-grant:
This is really quite a fine song. Your vocals are excellent and the song is very touching. Great build up and belting out a few lines. TOP SONG!!! As always, very versatile in the creations. I'm with Farrell on this...100%
Farrell Jackson
02/11/24 10:07:37AM @farrell-jackson:
A nice, easy start with just acoustic guitar, bass and vocal. Then the electric rhythm guitar enters and I know my ears are in for a real treat...and I wasn't wrong! I love all the layering and how you produced this song Eric. All the added instrumentation entering at strategic times and the rises and falls lets the song scream and breath at the right spots. Then you top it off with excellent words and vocals...I'm a fan! Now I'm going for another listen....


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