Bad Love Junkie
Bad Love Junkie
Bad Love Junkie

Fell In Love With A Switchblade Girl

album: My Alter Ego Says Hello
genre: Rock
streams: 36
creation date: 2024-07-02

  Song Lyrics
Fell In Love With A Switchblade Girl I fell in love with a switchblade girl And she carved a hole in my heart Wide and deep and right straight through it...
  Song Information
A little song I wrote after a short infatuation with the young Lydia Lunch. Call me twisted, but she still lights my fuse
Fell In Love With A Switchblade Girl
07/14/24 02:46:47AM @lodato:
You do Catch these feelings so perfectly. This sounds so intimate with a punch! OUCH! Great writing and arranging buddy! Love this Eric!
07/07/24 07:07:55AM @mizieya:
@bad-love-junkie congrats on song of the week totally deserve this Eric
07/04/24 12:47:27PM @jimsae:
What a great track, nice to hear your voice reaching new heights, and the lyrics are perfect!
tony cee
07/04/24 09:42:35AM @tony-cee:
wow eric what a song love the lyrics .you voice is superb , brill recording another great listen ...cheers tony cee
07/03/24 02:25:33PM @mizieya:
loving the lyrics and the complete unexpected change of pace!!!!! wow awesome.


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