The Road Blues

album: The Road Blues Single
genre: Blues
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The Road BluesWritten, Arranged, Engineered and Produced By Bamil Gutiérrez ColladoSacred Healing Songs/ASCAP2022 The road is getting longerthe pieces of our...
The Road Blues
Bamil Music
09/08/22 04:08:27PM @bamil:
Thanks so much @bustert, really appreciated your words.
09/08/22 03:54:53PM @bustert:
what a fine piece of music - like gary said: well arranged and,and...
Bamil Music
08/25/22 12:56:20PM @bamil:
Thanks so much my Bro Gary, always appreciated your words
Gary Dabrowski
08/25/22 11:43:01AM @gary-dabrowski:
Bamil, my NJ brother...I like it!...very reflective lyrics and well arranged, engineered and produced


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