If There's A Space In Your Heart - BAMIL And Missy Guthrie

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:08
If There’s A Space In Your Heart
(Duet With Missy Guthrie)
Music, Lyrics, Arranged And Produced By
Bamil Gutiérrez Collado
From CD Heart + Soul
Sacred Healing Songs/ASCAP©2014
All Rights Reserved.

Trace the book of life
what I need to do
and walking through the isle of time
Things are pretty tough,
but somehow I’ll face it
and write another page in my heart.

See you from the distance
with my coffee cup in hand
on the other just asking some why’s
The same joy to live you have
that is similar to mine
we’ll open the road and run wild.

If there’s a space in your heart
never close the door to the sun and let it shine
and just learn from hard times
How to walk, how to ride
and no matter if rain tears,
but not through our eyes.

Whispers in the night
wake me up and look the stars
beyond can see the shining one
Doesn’t matter how spread
the skies would be
because I only need just one.

Sitting in the dark I still look the light
that you can fix and help me see beyond
If you find your star
And I need light on the road
we can join and walk together that far.


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