Beth Herr
Beth Herr

Touch Of Your Hand

album: Come A Day
genre: Crossover
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Touch Of Your Hand
12/27/10 04:43:01PM @cooter:
Great voice, Beth... and a beautiful tune. Very nicely done on all counts. Wonderful overall sound, which - I am learning - is a trademark of Abbeyville Road.

Love the tune, Beth.


12/17/09 07:30:56PM @soundtrapper:
Very impressed with the writing,vocals and production.
I usually prefer traditional gospel because most of the contemporary music I've heard lacks all the above.This is not the case here.Not just a good message but good music as well.-jeff

12/17/09 07:40:34PM @genghisken:
I have a real softspot for well done female vocals and this is no exception. What a beautiful singing voice and terrific range. This is what it means to sing a prayer and I believe even the angelic host gave pause to this piece!
Farrell Jackson
12/14/09 03:46:14PM @farrell-jackson:
Beth you have a wonderful voice......Touch of your Hand is an excellent song and recording!

Farrell Jackson

12/14/09 03:09:59PM @bigpete:
Beth you are so good I believe you can't do wrong, I can only dream to have a female vocalist of your emotion and talent to one day sing on one of tracks, always inspiring inspired performance, great amazing production production but you are the shining light.
12/14/09 07:45:07AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
From the first chords and vocal note this suggests some panache. Very compelling voice - delicious harmonies - finely structured chords all make for a sweet experience. Kind of warming for my office lunchtime. ftlpope
12/14/09 11:40:36AM @mark-reed:
This was well performed, the song has a great lyric which you put over with real feeling. The backing has an easy mood to it which supports the vocals. Great number well done


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