Between Daze
Between Daze
Between Daze


genre: Alternative pop/ Rock & Roll
streams: 17
creation date: 2023-03-26

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Me my only enemyLead my head wrong direction, I'm deadSlide down secret suicideDrowning in a sea of piss, everything becomes hit and always miss for me I...
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All about being young and trying to figure out life, where do I fit in and when will I fit in. question of who really controls the fate.
Between Daze
07/04/24 12:03:27PM @between-daze:
Truly appreciate the kind words and the Add! thank you
07/02/24 11:42:02AM @kim-d-groff:
Wicked Good!! Added to my playlist!! Vocals and Lyrics are Bangin' and the music wraps it all up all warm and tightlike!! Great!!


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