Chacha Pon ( Bilbozo & Joseph Rodriguez )

genre: Latin Rock
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creation date: 2010-09-04

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Another collaboration with fellow guitarist Joseph Rodriguez. The song is based on a dance club beat mixed with lots of precussion. Latin flavors with lots...
Chacha Pon ( Bilbozo & Joseph Rodriguez )
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11/09/10 02:02:14PM @:
This is great as I would expect anything you put out. Joseph really did his thing here. You two together is really a sweet deal. I love how the instruments are all played to such detail and with such passion. This really is very fine. A stand up, knockout performance. Mighty, mighty! Well done, Brother!

Jim Easton
09/28/10 02:09:20PM @jim-easton:
I think I was of the latin persuasion in a past life ... I love this music more then any other, such a spiritual feel, connection, soulful and funky, you guys are such a Great guitar match its Amazing to listen to you guys solo and develop those Fantastic lines together... It doesn't get better then this anywhere else on the planet 5/5

09/13/10 01:34:31AM @jusananomaly:
When you mix two extermely fine musician like this you are bound to have a instant classic on your hands. Bill this is great, it moves with excellent graces, it's firey and exciting, yet tempered and controlled. thumbs up!
and thanks again for the great promo pic. you rock!

Rob Grant
09/05/10 09:27:30AM @rayon-vert:
WHEW!!!! Total enjoyment!!! This is an ALL UPBEAT, GREAT MOOD SETTING piece of music. Looking forward to cruisin' with this song...Loved every bit of this. That horn section REALLY Cooked and was a great surprise. Nothing short of total professional work. EXCELLENT WORK, GUYS!!!!

09/05/10 08:55:41AM @bri-an:
Loaded with integrity, enjoyed this display of musicianship from intro to outro... the sense of team work is very strong in this compostion/collab.
The energy remains intact...bravo for that guys!!

Mista Perez
09/04/10 07:30:42PM @mista-perez:
Good lord you two make a PERFECT combo. You captured the essentials of Latin Rock and made it both your own. The intro is amazing along with the "extras" you added to this track. This is classic rock at it's best.

Mista P

09/04/10 06:31:23PM @tlt50:
The sooo freakin' "RIGHT". !!! Outstanding production...pristine sound. Then the musical talents kick in....and kicka$$./..... Sweeeeeeet......!! The groove is to die for....killar' horns.... amazing chops, Bro zo and J-Rod,,:)).
Mixing....arranging..... nusicianship....production.!!! STELLAR !!! *****+ track..... WTG.... Gents,!! Another listen..and another..... The brilliance of this,, amazes...!! Fabulous progression....!!!

Larry T

09/04/10 05:45:15PM @david-c-deal:
Two of my favorite guitarists joining in sweet melody heaven. Seems like a perfect joining to me. Even the keys and brass are superb. Fine Job.

09/04/10 03:10:06PM @cooter:
It oozes good taste, and tastes good to. Nicely done, Bill.
09/05/10 01:48:42PM @josephrodz:
Thanks again hermano for the collab.
Siempre a tu disposicion para tocar la guitarra junto a ti,maestro.


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