Let Me Be the One - Bilbozo, BillyD, Buddrumming & Slap Johnson

genre: R&B
streams: 205
creation date: 2010-10-12

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Opening Chorus:Let me beLet me beLet me be the oneLet me beLet me beLet me be the oneFirst Verse:Let me be the one to take you away from hereYour knight in...
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  I think one of my best engineering productions to date. Great little R&B Song with the vocals of BillyD. Smoky and sultry love song I know you will...
Let Me Be the One - Bilbozo, BillyD, Buddrumming & Slap Johnson
10/14/10 07:43:50PM @durod:
Excellent mix and really like the instrumentation. Vocals fit the mood of the music perfectly. All flows together very well.
10/14/10 05:34:21PM @miguel-a-wilder:
Very Nice work. Very smooth and mellow. All around vocals, productions, and instrumentation was on point.
10/13/10 10:25:56PM @tlt50:
BillyD... you know I truly admire your friend.. !!
Smooth as silk... vox... brother.. !!

10/13/10 10:23:36PM @tlt50:
Billy.....went to this track first..:) Some of my favorite and most admired, music makers anywhere. Bill....Bud and Slap... superb work here... Has all the elements.....for a fabulous track... Beautiful listen....gents.. Hi5...*****,

Larry T

10/13/10 08:30:53AM @cooter:
Really nice contributions by everyone, guys. So nicely done all around. While I enjoy everything here, I gotta say the sax is way cool to my ears... just blows me away... as does the tune. Great collab, y'all. And a great listen. :-)


10/13/10 02:21:47AM @buddrumming:
Bilbozo...loved being asked to be part of this tune...Big B on guitar, Slap on Sax... BillyD on v ...what can i say....thx, Buddrumming
10/12/10 01:37:07PM @josephrodz:
Lovely feeling you all put in this track specially Billy D.
you got 10/10 for me.

10/12/10 08:54:14PM @david-c-deal:
very smooth, r and b song. Great vocals billy and Bill, great change up in styles for you.

10/18/10 07:27:32PM @hydrogen3:
LOVE it Yall! awesome job to all! h3 :)
11/03/10 07:29:37AM @gary-hart:
Cool tune guy's! I liked the arrangments going on here! Music is fantastic as always! Well done!


Luca Wulf
10/18/10 11:16:29AM @huge-artist:
VERY VERY nice collab indeed.
Late night RandB
So smooth and easy on the ears and soul.
Well done on the blend of vocals as well,that lead and spoken work so well together,must have took a while to get that balancer spot on.
First class musicianship,that sax solo for me was the cherry on the cake,just perfect.

Top notch work Bill.

10/20/10 06:28:04PM @marie-dailly:
Fantastic song! Cool sound, smooth & sexy! I was playing this when a friend phoned, & his reaction??
" S***! Thats better than viagra!" LMAO!


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