"She's Gone" - Bilbozo & Mista Perez

genre: Ballad
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creation date: 2012-08-14

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I did this song origianlly as an instrumental about back in 2009.  Mista Perez liked it and was inspired to put lyrics to it.  After reconfiguring the...
"She's Gone" - Bilbozo & Mista Perez
06/03/17 03:04:21PM @avmo:
Nice collab ...congrats.
05/18/17 10:33:55PM @moequinn:
This is beautiful ~ & just when I think it can't get any better than this... it does Wow! guys excellent
Gary Shukoski
05/16/17 02:41:58AM @gary-shukoski:
I've heard this multiple times in chat shows and wanted to finally come by and tell you how awesome this is. Very emotional and beautiful! Love all the minor chords and classical guitar. The vocals sound like they're channeling some serious pain and the guitar solo is so fitting of the piece without being overbearing. Nicely done!
Mista Perez
08/29/12 12:09:00PM @mista-perez:
This was an absolute delight and joy to work on with my good friend Bill. He is an inspiration to me musically. Thank you all for the listen and kind comments.
08/15/12 06:50:20PM @gene-smith:
Uh WOW! Very nice work here guys! Sounds like you two have been playing together for ages. Superb vocal - check, very nice acoustic - check, smokin' electric - check, great melody - check. Looks like it's all right there.
08/18/12 03:16:47AM @chrickon:
Remember this track from the Mixposure Jams back in 2006 i think it was? Gw Jam 11.
Great performance and addition to the backingtrack, you booth made it into a beautiful song!
Great work!

08/17/12 01:33:56PM @kalola-kiss:
Such a place of heartache this puts me. Sung and played with deep emotion it yanks out the tears from my eyes. I've been to this place many do pure justice to the pain, sorrow and suffering experienced. I absolutely love this!
08/16/12 11:25:08AM @josephrodz:
Esto si que es musica para el alma y corazon,los felicito de todo corazon por que se que pusieron el suyo en esta hermosa cancion.
08/14/12 09:57:47PM @mr-p:
Bilbozo, you just don't hear songs like this anymore. This is great. Pleasantly refreshing.

Mr. P

08/14/12 05:50:19PM @john-frederick:
Great collab. the music and Mistas vocal blend very nice a joy to the ears fantastic song here.
01/11/13 06:17:30PM @sergej77:
Nicely done guys...!
wow...I love that guitar sol...

08/16/12 12:35:37AM @buddrumming:
Hey u guys.... attributed to the musical forces when you two write together... Bill always thinks big in his philharmonic orchestrial writing... always unique if u ask me... luv the vocals... rockin! Bud
Lyrical Princess
08/17/12 12:27:10PM @lyrical-princess:
WOW!! What can I say..Very touching lyrics. I can feel the pain. Mista Perez always seems to reach deep down inside & really sing from his heart.. His vocals... And Bill, your fantastic music, were made for each other.. This song is excellent.. Really enjoyed my listen.. WTG you two :)
I give 5***** Plus. Thanks for the D/L

All The Best,

08/18/12 03:15:26AM @chrickon:
Remember this track from the Mixposure Jams back in 2006 i think it was? Gw Jam 11.
Great performance and addition to the backingtrack, you booth made it into a beautiful song!
Great work!

08/16/12 07:26:46AM @planetjazzbass:
Totally tres cool!.....if you had of walked into any industry suit's office with this song in the eighties they would have fallen over themselves to sign you....I just can't understand why whoever 'they' are don't do it now....fantastic music!....Dave

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01/27/13 09:37:34AM @:
Wow...I remember this track. I have the original instrumental. First off, Brother Bill you are tremendous in your talents & this track has drama & depth already. Mista Perez brought even more strength with his lyrics & I have to say the best I have heard him sing. Both of you have many songs, but this one is as close to a showstopper as it can get. Powerful & precise. I really enjoyed its THAT good! Musical Matrimony at its best & on full shining display. Well done, my brothers. Standing O!
Doctor C
08/15/12 06:13:12PM @doctor-c:
Delightful song! Love the subtle European flavor and maybe a touch of Gary Moore. The vocal performance is incredible. Super collab, gentlemen!
08/15/12 10:48:44AM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful tribute guys.
08/17/12 11:44:01PM @cooter:
Whoa. This is a showstopper, guys. So nicely done. Every time I am lucky enough to be able to sit and enjoy tunes like this, my day gets better. My day just got better.

Standing ovation from here, gents.



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