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creation date: 2010-11-22

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FELIZ NAVIDAD ! Angela's second song ! It's always fun to spend time with my daughter in the studio...we have a blast recording together.  She wanted to get...
12/09/17 10:50:23PM @moequinn:
so very precious
12/05/10 07:00:41PM @decent-casuilty:
sounds perfect heartwarming love it!!!!
Jim Easton
11/26/10 12:14:39PM @jim-easton:
This is Absolutely adorable-!! You can tell she loves her daddy, Great job sir I have a lot of respect for you Bill as a father, musician and businessman.
You are surly blessed-!!!


11/26/10 06:24:30AM @bri-an:
ya,...Big sMiLe !
11/23/10 09:34:56PM @tlt50:
A star is born....~:)* !! take my breath away..beautifully done ,sweet girl...!~! Big smiles truly enjoying this....Your daddy must be proud as heck. Bill and Angela,,,,fabulous ,magical track. This is what XMAS is all about. LOVE THIS....!!!!
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas...:)))),


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11/22/10 02:57:09PM @the-mix-files:
The corners of my mouth loop around my ears when I hear Angela sing... a big smile every time. Oh, and your playing is cool too, Bill. ;-)

Angela, this is another great tune. You have a beautiful voice. Please keep singing, and please keep sharing with us.


11/22/10 01:47:07PM @david-c-deal:
It just doesn't get much better than this. I totally agree Angela needs her own Mixpro site. You guys are fantastic!! I will play this for my whole family for Christmas.
Lyrical Princess
11/22/10 02:26:06PM @lyrical-princess:
Angela Sweetheart, you have done such a Beautiful job with this Wonderful "Feliz Navidad".. I love listening to your pretty little voice.. While smiling, I had such Happy tears running down my cheeks.. Excellent choice of song my Dear.. Do you have a Mixposure page of your very own yet ?? If not, May I suggest you ask your Daddy to set one up for you ? I am looking forward to hearing your next song.

Bill, just listening to the two of you gave me chills..
Jose Feliciano has always been a favorite artist of mine.. And this is One of my all time Favorite Christmas tunes..
Will definitely be playing it all through the holiday season.

Thank you Both for the lovely gift (D/L).. I will treasure it always :)
Best Wishes For A Very Merry, Melodic Christmas

Many Blessings,
Lyrical Princess, Linda

11/22/10 11:13:09AM @marie-dailly:
I want to give this 10 stars!
Angela, this was lovely! I love to hear you sing!
Thank you sweetie! Hugs! xxxxx
(You werent bad either, Bill, lol! )

11/22/10 10:49:53AM @bigpete:
who better than a child with a beautiful voice to convey the spirit of Christmas, another great performance from a great singer, thank you and Angela for getting me in the mood, and starting my week by putting a smile on my face and making me feel happy. Peace and Feliz Navidad to you and your family.

11/22/10 09:46:27AM @josephrodz:
The best song by Jose Feliciano, Angela did a great job on this one and sorry but you dont get any congrats,ya que Angela es la estrella aqui,jajajajaja.
12/18/10 06:53:30PM @digger-stone:
i heard this last night, and it's just wonderful!

apples don't fall far from the trees do they?


11/25/10 03:40:13PM @cooter:
I am not kidding... this puts such a large smile on my face, it physically hurts... and I smile a lot. I absolutely love this.

I know I have already commented, but I have listened to Angela's beautiful voice so many times now, I simply could not leave here another time with speaking up again.

Angela and Dad, you two are most certainly purveyors of joy. Thank you for sharing some of the joy with us!


Farrell Jackson
11/23/10 02:47:36PM @farrell-jackson:
This is priceless Bill! Your daughter has inherited some of Dad's musical out won't be long before she says move over and let Angela take over.....I'm guessing that would make you even more proud! She does great on this and her back up band does pretty good too!


11/22/10 07:23:24PM @buddrumming:
Angela always rocks for me....I always get the biggest hug whenever we get together....Rockin Bill and Angela....Love it.. awesome job!....:) Now we need a song by Bill's lovely wife...she can rock out too...Thx, Bud
11/24/10 05:40:54PM @dj-waper:
AMAZING! this track puts a big smile on my face.


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