Sabor a Mi (Bill & Claudia Smith)

genre: Latin Jazz
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creation date: 2011-05-06

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Meet Mrs. Bilbozo. The first time I have ever had the chance to collaborate with my wife Claudia (Angela's Mama). I thought it was fitting for Mother's day....
Sabor a Mi (Bill & Claudia Smith)
Gary Dabrowski
02/16/20 03:44:42PM @gary-dabrowski:
I see you put this out a while ago, but I just heard it today...I like...very good!
05/08/11 08:07:59AM @sergej77:
Grate fealing listeming this one...Wonderful smood..Thank you for this one I realy enjoyed...
Regards from Belgrade!

05/06/11 05:27:08PM @bri-an:
Hey Bill, Firsty, to have the opportunity to record music with your whole family is greatest!!... it's like a snapshot, a moment capture in time, your a very fortunate man, and by the sounds of it....i can understand fully why it was her voice that drew you in.. Although, i can't understand the words that are being, is universal, her vocal tone is very full and silky smooth., which in turn, makes this composition very very listenable!!!
Hope to hear more of this Lady!!
fortunate man.

05/06/11 09:24:45PM @bigpete:
beautiful track, now we have to get a duo of Angela and Claudia, that would be awsome and what a souvenir for Angela when she gets older. Keep them coming, you have 2 voacalist at home you dog, peace.
05/06/11 07:50:38PM @buddrumming:
Yep... Claudia is pretty rockin on this tune... awesome job vocally ... classy tune and a very classy lady... I think Bill met her for the first time when she was singing in Bill's Mom and Dads Mexican Restaurant in Nanaimo "The El Sombrero" ... at that time also Claudia was in a pretty famous 8 or 9 piece Salsa Band in Mexico if I remember right...Love it, Bud
05/06/11 11:15:05PM @josephrodz:
Esto es una sorpresa para sabia que tu esposa cantaba tan bien,te felicito por que eres un hombre muy afortunado al tener una familia tan talentosa y que se siente el amor en las dos "Claudia y Angela" que te tienen,por que tu eres un esposo y padre ejemplar ya que haces musica con ellas.
Cuidalas mucho y tu tambien,ya que me siento feliz de haberte conocido.

05/07/11 01:20:00AM @scott-bassman-macleod:
This is a very beautiful song.I love Claudia's voice and of course you're guitar is always beautiful Bill.Maybe a little fretless and standup is in order.Way to go!! Scott 'bassman" Macleod


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