Angel Looking Through Your Eyes - (Bilbozo) Bill and Bobby Smith

genre: Rock
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creation date: 2012-01-27

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My brother Bob and I played together as guitar players in a number of bands about 20 years ago.  After he became a dentist and I got into the printing...
Angel Looking Through Your Eyes - (Bilbozo) Bill and Bobby Smith
05/28/16 11:33:10PM @moequinn:
thanks for sharing your story with us about your Dad & brother Bob ~ a beautiful tribute & a fine song
01/28/12 10:40:36AM @cooter:
Bill, my heart goes out to you and Bobby, and your family.

This is a wonderful tune, gents. Loved every moment of the song, and thanks for the download.

Beautiful tune.


Jim Easton
01/28/12 10:09:56AM @jim-easton:
Beautiful tribute from the sons to dad-!! Your song brings the angel closer to all of us, we truly love you friend and your artistry-!! Blessing to you and the family at this time... sorry for your loss.
01/27/12 07:57:28PM @david-c-deal:
touching and beautiful Bill and brother. Your father raised some fantastic reflections of his love.
01/27/12 07:13:10PM @dolce:
This is an incredibly touching song. Kudos to you and your is powerful and crosses so many barriers.

Thank you for sharing a snapshot of your life with us.


Farrell Jackson
01/27/12 06:50:11PM @farrell-jackson:
I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your father condolences to you and your family. This is a wonderful tribute to your dad. A great story about you and your brother also. This song is fantastic in every way...the guitar solo has a lot of feeling in it...rock on brother!


Mista Perez
01/27/12 06:46:49PM @mista-perez:
This is a quality song. nothing is better then working on music with family. I can imagine how you both felt when you completed this song. The lyrics are very well put together as well as the vocals and everything else.
01/27/12 03:07:05PM @josephrodz:
WOW! so nice you dedicate this song to your father(R.I.P)
but your brother has a great voice and ideas for make this song so awesome, and with you beside him to make this song more great.
I feel so proud to be your friend in music.


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